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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Great article by Jessica Corry!

Jessica Corry and her husband, Rob Corry, have long led the Colorado medical marijuana fight to protect mmj patients rights to safe access to medicine with dignity.

Here is a great article that highlights the recent battle between Sen. Romer and mmj activists.

Read the article here.

Sen. Romer claimed to have wanted to present a bill that would protect mmj patients and give law enforcement the guidance they need to determine legal and illegal marijuana. His proposed bill, since pulled, was an abomination that did not take patients rights into accounts.

After the outcry from mmj activists, he pulled the bill and blamed it on mmj activists unwillingness to participate in the process.

Well, we call BS on you, Sen. Romer! Unless your stance changes, you will find yourself with a large grassroots organization that will not vote for your gubernatorial ambitions.

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