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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Moratorium Extension stripped from Colorado Bill!

Great news for those trying to get their foot in the door in the Colorado medical marijuana industry. The Colorado Senate has stripped the provisions in HB1043 that would have extended Colorado's moratorium on new businesses for another year.

This would have meant that only those businesses that were licensed by their local jurisdictions by July 1, 2010 would have been able to continue the application process. During this application process, those businesses are allowed to remain open and available to their patients.

With the extension stripped, the moratorium on new medical marijuana businesses will expire on July 1, 2011. We still need to see if HB1043 passes, but if it does, then it is open season for new medical marijuana businesses!

If you are interested in opening a medical marijuana business, contact the Law Office of Craig Small and let's get going!

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