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Monday, December 16, 2013

Responsible Use of Cannabis During the Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone and what a year it has been!

Cannabis advocates have been working hard, hand in hand with their fellow advocates and cannabis legalization opponents, to hammer out the recreational marijuana retail landscape for Colorado in 2014.   I know everyone is excited for January 1, 2014 and the groundbreaking historic moment it will be when anyone 21 or older can go into a store and legally (statewise that is) buy cannabis off the shelf!

That being said we in Colorado have won the war on the drugs and now we need to ensure we do not commit any post-war atrocities!  During this holiday season, if you are going to use cannabis use it responsibly.  All eyes are on us and even lawful use of cannabis can be a PR nightmare that will be used by legalization opponents to try and roll back our victories.

Enjoy yourselves, be safe, don' be arrogant, respect the opinions of other even if you do not agree with them (that is the American way) and above not get high and drive!  Law enforcement does not support lawful cannabis use in Colorado and will be looking for ways to beef up their DUID statistics to show that legalizing cannabis in Colorado was a big mistake.

Remember, they cannot arrest you and charge you with a crime if you do not commit one!  More accurately, they might arrest you and charge you with a crime even if you did not commit one but when those charges go to the district attorneys and get thrown out of court again and again the district attorneys and judges will start turning on law enforcement for wasting their time and resources.

Don't give them a reason to arrest you in the first place!

For more information on responsible cannabis use check out this link:

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