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Sunday, November 15, 2009

AMA votes to review marijuana's status as a Schedule I drug

I told you it was a big week! Now, I see that everything happened on Tuesday. Now, I have posted several items today and I am started to get tire and lazy. The following was cut and pasted from Newsweek's blog.

"[T]he AMA announced that, after 72 years, it was reversing its pot policy—and urged the federal government to do the same. Precipitated by a similar decision by the group’s Medical Student Section, the AMA resolved that “that marijuana’s status as a federal Schedule 1 controlled substance be reviewed,” with the goal of facilitating clinical research, and presented a new medical report, conducted by its Council on Science and Public Health, laying out the drug’s various medical benefits."

Check out the whole article by clicking here

This is a long overdue measure and a huge step in the right direction to determine marijuanas role in our society: be it complete legalization or for medicinal use.

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