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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Interesting Wednesday!

Last Wednesday was an interesting day for me! I attended a Colorado Bar Association CLE regarding the legal chaos surrounding Colorado medical marijuana law.

Leonard Frieling and Ann Toney were the speakers and both of them did a great job identifying the issues and the law. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and it confirmed my legal take on the situation.

After their presentation I had an interesting conversation with the gentleman that sat to my right. We started talking about dispensaries and I kind of got on my pedestal about why dispensaries should be legal. I went into the usual arguments about free market forces, clean operations, professional services, responsible business owners, etc.

The gentleman asked for my card and if he could contact me if he had any more questions. I said sure and gave him my card. It wasn't until he turned to talk to another gentleman he knew that I noticed his name tag. I didn't catch the name but I saw that he was a State Senator!

How cool is it I got the chance to talk to an elected official about these issues! I hope he calls me for more discussions!

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